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17 April 2011

My Soap & Glory Collection

I challenge you to find me someone who doesn't like the Soap & Glory brand! Who wouldn't like it quite frankly? It's cheap(ish) and cheerful and smells divine, so I thought I'd show you my collection which has been building steadily. For the past two Christmas' I have received a Soap & Glory set as a present, which is why I have a few duplicates. I admit I don't use these products every day, more like when I remember really, but everytime I do I am greeted by the gorgeous smells and the cutesy, 50's inspired packaging.

I've sold a few pieces recently but I still have loads left over. The Breakfast Scrub is my absolute favourite product ever! The smell is so gorgeous that I have to stop myself from eating it. The price, at nearly £9 wasn't so purse friendly but when you think about it, this Scrub will last for AGES so you'll eventually get your moneys worth.

The Big Butter is another one of my favourite products as I love fruity, zesty scents and it leaves my skin feeling super soft!

A Soap & Glory set always makes a great present if you're stuck for ideas as well. I'm keen to try some of the newer products from the range such as the Pink Perfume Spray and the Mighty Mouth Lip Balm.

What products would everyone recommend?

I'm actually off to town in a minute to find the elusive jeans I blogged about yesterday but I'm sure I'll have a nosy in Boots at some of the S&G products!



  1. I am officially jealous of your collection ;D I discovered the wonders of Soap & Glory last September and got a gift box from my nan for xmas! My favourite product would have to be either Clean On Me or the Mist You Madly body spray as it smells divine :) xxx

  2. I love S&G :)
    Just rediscovered scrub your nose in it and my skin loves me for it
    Great collection, jealous! xxxx

  3. Love LOVE LOVE it!!! it's one of my fav smells!!

    Lucky you having all that and duplicates xx

  4. My S&G collection is obsene too!
    I especially love Scrub Your Nose In It, Girligo and Flakeaway :)

    Rosie x

  5. I only have one products from them - think I need to sort that out lol :)
    gorgeous collection!! x

  6. I <3 Soap and Glory! I'm so jelous of your collection! xx

  7. I love soap and glory!! there stuff is great :) xo

  8. have the whole collection. the breakfast scrub looks delish x

  9. Ive never tried their products actually, but they look gorg will have a look next time im in Boots!

  10. Love soap and glory! my boyfriend's mum has all their stuff and i swear most of the time i only stay there to use it! to glad hair day makes my hair so soft

  11. so jealous of your collection! x

  12. Wow - you collection looks like the first S&G shop! Fully stocked :D

    I don't love the scent of S&G products - it's ok, but it doesn't rock my boat! I'd be interested to try out Scrub Your Nose In It & Breakfast Scrub (heard great things about them) & Big Butter, because it has a different scent. Will be on the lookout when I'm next in Boots!

  13. I bought a bunch of products when I travelled to the UK a few years ago and fell in love inmediately with S&G!!! The quality is amazing...Can't find their products here in Argentina, so next year when I go back to the uk I'll travel empty so I can stock up with everything I can!! Loved your reviews on the S&G liquid eyeliner and the kohl pencil.:)


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