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8 April 2011

Lucky lucky lucky

Morning all! I thought I had better do a new blog post as I wanted to make you all jealous over some of the gorgeous giveaway prizes I have won recently!

I don't know where all my luck has come from to be honest, but I seem to keep winning blog giveaways. The biggest and best prize dropped through my letter box yesterday from Cheryl at Oh To Be A Muse, and I couldn't believe how much I had won. Seriously, I don't remember all these prizes listed in the original giveaway, but I'm definitely not complaining!

The biggest prize was a 100 Eyeshadow palette from ELF which is uh-mazing! I am definitely going to experiment with all of the colours as I'm so sick of wearing a combination of brown and black liquid eyeliner!

There was also 6 nail polishes including a set of 4 metallic ULTA polishes, a red ULTA polish and a China Glaze crackle polish! And as if that wasn't enough, also included was a set of 5 ULTA Kohl pencils, which reminded me a lot of an Urban Decay set I've been before, two ULTA eyeshadow paletts as well as brushes, lipstick, mascara, lipgloss and eyeliner and a make-up bag! Oh and as if I could forget, some Sally Hansen nail effects strips...not that I'm bragging (much)!

Shortly after, I won yet another giveaway from the lovely Hayley at Owl Loves Panda. The prize this time was a Love Letter Locket Necklace in Purple! I was only expecting the necklace so was very pleased when a Maoam bar and a Drumstick lolly fell out! Also in the package was a gorgeous floral button and a cute squirrel necklace!

I definitely recommend that you check out Hayley's shop as she has some gorgeous bits and bobs!

Ahh I'm so lucky, so I think I'll put my good luck to use and buy a lottery ticket!


  1. Hey! I've awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award :) Check out my blog to see what it entails...



  2. ah wow congrats! make sure you post pix of your makeup experiments :D x

  3. wow, you have been lucky! would love to see the results of your eyeshadow experiments x

  4. Wow, what great prizes! Lucky you! x

  5. Aww congrats! Love the necklaces x

  6. Yep, I'm a fetching shade of envy green right now!

  7. Oh wow, that's actually amazing! As if you won all that, so lucky. I especially love the nail polishes you got, I keep meaning to try the China Glaze crackle polish but haven't got round to buying any yet! xx

  8. I have just checked out Owl loves panda. It is great.

  9. Wow, they are amazing prizes! Lucky you! You should definitely buy a lottery ticket! :D

  10. loving the palette and necklaces :)
    congrats!! x


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