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11 April 2011

Models Own: Prussian Blue

I was recently sent Model's Own Prussian Blue to review for the blog, and since I decided on a navy and white striped top to wear, I thought the nail polish would match rather well and add to the nautical look I've currently got going on.

You won't find Prussian Blue under the usual 'Blue' catergory on the Model's Own site, instead you'll find it under the 'Creamy' section. This is because, unlike their other polishes, Model's Own have a select few polishes that are gorgeously thick and creamy, dry in an instant and leave you with a lovely matte finish. No need for a top coat here!

I pretty much watched the polish dry before my very eyes and was very pleased that it only needed one coat. I love the matte finish and I think a clear top coat would definitely ruin the effect.

'Stay on-trend right down to the tips of your toes. Creamy or pearly, glittery or neon, all our nail polishes glide on smoothly and are hardwearing and long lasting. Designed for fashion and fun!'

The site claims that the polish is hard wearing and long lasting. Usually when polishes say this, they don't late two minutes but so far it's lasted nearly 2 days which is usually the time I start getting bored of a colour and want to change it anyway! There are a few chips but barely noticable, I think it could go on for another day or so!

This polish is a definite hit for me and will be in my Model's Own polish collection for quite some time.


  1. Such a pretty colour and matte finish! Wish I could justify adding another blue to my nail varnish collection haha. xx

  2. That colour is lovely :) Amy,x

  3. It's quite a striking colour! I hate when nail polish companies claim their polishes never chip and then do within a day ): My Avon polishes all do that and it sucks, especially when the colours are gorgeous! xxx

  4. Wow, I love it! Such a gorgeous colour!


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