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25 April 2011

Lush Summer Pudding Review

Lush is a place that literally everybody raves about and I'm definitely a big fan of their products. I recently went into my local Lush store and picked up some goodies as part of my sister's Birthday Present. Unfortunately I didn't buy anything for myself but the lady did give me a free sample of their Summer Pudding soap!

I only got a small piece but it really lasts. It contains an almond scrub that is soft and doesn't irritate the skin thanks to the softening almond and cleansing lemon oils. The soap itself is really creamy and has a gorgeous fruity, citrus fragrance and really does represent Summer. After washing it off, my skin does feel a bit clammy under the water but once I'm all dry my skin is left feeling really smooth and I can still smell the soap hours after using it.

I only got a small free sample but for an average slice of the soap, it will cost you £3.10, which I think is very reasonable as it lasts quite a long time. You can buy it Online at

Now, onto today's part of the 30 Day Blog Challenge.

01 – A photo of you, taken today.
02 – Your favourite pair of shoes.
03 – A photograph of your mobile phone.
04 – A photograph of yourself two years ago.

05 – A day in the life, photographs taken throughout your day.
06 – A photograph of a hairstyle you’d like to have.
07 – A photo of yourself, not taken by you.
08 – A photo of someone you fancy at the moment.
09 – The contents of your fridge, MTV Cribs style.
10 – Your dream wedding.
11 – A photo of the item you last purchased.
12 – Your favourite movie.
13 – What you want more than anything right now.
14 – Your current wishlist..
15 – Something you regret.
16 – The most beautiful picture of your best friend.
17 – A TV show you’re currently addicted to.
18 – A photo of your house/apartment.
19 – A photo of your handwriting.
20 – A band/artist not many people know of, but you think should.
21 – A photograph of the part of you that you dislike the most.
22 – A photograph of the part of you that you like the most.
23 – The next plan you have coming up that you’re really excited for.
24 – A song to match your mood.
25 – A photograph of the town you live in.
26 – A celebrity you don’t like, and why.
27 – A photo of your favourite item of clothing.
28 – A cartoon character that you’d love to meet in real life.
29 – The place you want to live.
30 – A photograph of yourself taken today + three good things that have happened in the past 30 days

It's a Bank Holiday so I'm not working today, which also means I've been doing nothing but pottering around the house and writing on my laptop. I do apologise at the boring subject of these 'Day In The Life' photos but I am following the challenge rules no matter what!!

The day started with a much needed cup of tea and Hot Cross Buns with Jam for breakfast! I also made Vince a lovely healthy Bacon and Egg sandwich for his breakfast but forgot to get a pic before he gobbled it all down.

Other than pampering myself with my GHD Shampoo & Conditioner, Lush Summer Pudding Soap, Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub and 'Feel The Knead' massager, I've pretty much spent all day watching FRIENDS Wedding specials on E4 and writing up bits and pieces for the various sites I write for.

I'm currently waiting for Vince to go out and get me McDonalds for dinner! We do love the new Monopoly games on the McDonalds meals, how sad eh? I'm back to work tomorrow for three days. It almost seems pointless really doesn't it? I'll try and keep the challenge going!


  1. that soap sounds really nice! x

  2. that soap looks gorgeous...i hate how delish they always look, i pretty much want to eat the lush stuff all the time. bad chat.
    sounds like had a great day...can't beleive channel 4 are going to stop showing friends.
    by the and my boy love the mcdonalds monopoly games loads of wee instant win prizes. #wearesocool x

  3. That soap looks gorgeous, not seen that!xx

  4. Ooh the Lush product sounds amazing! I really love cosmetic smells that last all day because so many don't,

    Rosie x

  5. That looks so yummy. I want to eat it! xx

  6. Ooh that soap sounds really nice! x

  7. That soap looks yummy mmm!!!

    great blog,

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