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28 January 2011

you only live forever in the lights you make

Today has been a pretty good and positive day! I managed to secure myself a work experience placement at Red magazine for two weeks in March! The magazine's editor complained on Twitter that their work experience girl had quit after 1 day so I quickly zapped an email to them, telling them that if they wanted someone who valued a work experience placement then I was the girl for them! I got a reply about 5 minutes later and now it's all arranged! It's going to cost a lot to travel but I have a bit of time to save. I'm really going to put my all into this placement and get as much experience as I can out of it!

Today I also had my interview with Miss Selfridge that I mentioned in my last blog. I think it went really well. I felt very confident in the outfit that I chose and will definitely be wearing the cropped trousers more often! My feet literally froze as I walked into town but once I got to the interview that was totally forgotten about. The lady that interviewed me was very nice and chatty and she asked me most of the usual questions about retail, which I think I answered well. When she asked me what the most exciting thing I had done this month was, I was pretty stumped though. I realise I've literally done nothing this month! After more questions I was given a little task. To go out on the shop floor and pick out an outfit for someone to wear to work and then wear out for drinks with colleagues. I opted for some smart trousers, similar to the ones I was wearing, with a blue floaty top and cardigan as it made a smart but casual outfit, for any time of job. For the evening look I picked out some pretty high heels, a statement ring and necklace. I think I did OK, it took a while and I got a bit sidetracked looking at all the clothes but the interviewer seemed quite impressed. Now, I just have to wait to hear back from them. Fingers crossed!

Yesterday I received an email from a company called Parker Worldwide who offered me an interview...except I didn't remember applying for a job with their company. My mum told me I should go anyway so I confirmed it with them, but this morning I decided to ring and ask what vacancy it was I had applied for. They just told me it was a 'customer service role with the opportunity of a management position.' OK? So, Vince did a little Google search and found out that the jobs they are offering are all a big scam to do with cold calling and sales. After reading up a little about it, they seem to find your details through job websites and constantly go on at you to make sure your going to attend the interview (they rang me 4 times and emailed twice!). It's no wonder they were so vague about the job description! There was no way I was going after that!

It's quite scary how they managed to get my mobile phone number! I'm going to be extra careful from now on...and to anyone else out there on the job hunt, watch out!


  1. Oh wow, how exciting for you! Best of luck x

  2. What a great opportunity. Funny I saw that Tweet too.

    I nearly got scammed the other day too. Someone emailed asking if I could ring about some work she needed me to do. When I searched her name on the internet it came up with warnings. Has definitely made me a bit more wary of email enquiries, it is good to check anything dodgy out first.

  3. Just found your blog and really like it! New follower :) Well done for taking the initiative with Red magazine - I bet that will be absolutely brilliant, I'm sure you'll get loads out of it. Sounds like you did well in your Miss Selfridge interview too - sounds like quite an intense interview!

  4. Amazing!!! I love your sense of proactive style in getting jobs. I have a lot of respect for you an congrats on the Red Magazine position!! Amazing!

  5. Wow, what a great opportunity at Red - and good for you for being so proactive and getting it!

    That last interview story sounds awful though - I can't believe a company could use such low tactics!


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