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12 January 2011

Nails Inc & Diet Coke promotion!

If like me, you can't afford to splash out £11 a piece for a bottle of lovely Nails Inc nail polish, they you too were probably waiting outside the doors of Boots so you could grab yourself a little freebie!

Fortunately, I wasn't so needy to wait outside for the shop to open and I managed to contain myself until lunch time when I marched in and straight over to the drinks section. There are four nail polishes on offer...Delicious Denim, Cool Caramel, Perfect Plum and Heather Grey.

I decided to stay away from the Perfect Plum colour as it's not really 'me,' but I absolutely love the other three. In order to get my lovely freebies I then proceeded to buy six bottles of Diet Coke. Yes, 6. And I don't even like Diet Coke!

As I mentioned, I love these colours! I love polishes that aren't glittery or shimmery and just rely on their colour to do all the talking.

Cool Caramel is similar to Cadogen Square which is available from the Nails Inc Website and is in keeping with the Camel trend that is still massive. Double Denim is by far my favourite, a gorgeous dark blue that is funnily enough, exactly like denim! Heather Grey is a gorgeous Pinky/Purple/Grey colour that reminds me of chewy sweets.

I couldn't decide which colour to wear first so I decided to wear them all at once. They are so easy to apply, only need one layer and they dry extremely quickly. If you get a chance to pick up any of these polishes with this promotion, I suggest you do. Purchasing all 4 colours still works out cheaper than buying one polish from Nails Inc.

L to R - Cool Caramel, Double Denim & Heather Grey



  1. Oh wow, they all look really good! I work at Boots so if there's any left on Saturday, I might just have to go in and at least get the Heather Grey and Cool Caramel <3

    Rosie x

  2. I've got best friend on a mission for these as my local boots is too small!

  3. These look lovely, especially heather grey.

  4. loveee these!
    i nominated you for the stylish blogger award, please have a look on


  5. Definitely love the double denim I think :):) ♥ xxxx

  6. love the caramel's a great neutral!!

  7. heather grey looks amazing :)
    definately going to look into this this time!!x

  8. hello, love your blog, keep up the good job

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  9. These nail polishes look lovely! I think the denim blue is such a great colour x

  10. I love all of those! caramel is a great colour to wear everyday x


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