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8 January 2011

Collection 2000 'Big Fake' Mascara

Although this is my third new mascara in the past month, I really wanted to buy the 'Big Fake' by Collection 2000 because I had read such good things about it on fellow blogs.

£5 for a mascara is a real bargain when you think about it. Some of the mascaras on sale can be up to and over £10 which personally I think is ridiculous! Thankfully, I got paid today so decided to treat myself!

When I first picked it up, I loved the shape of the tube and how easily the wand glides in and out of it. The mascara claims to 'DOUBLE YOUR LASH SIZE' with lash boosting tube technology which plumps and stretches each lash with NO clumping or smudging. Those are some big claims.

I have really awful eyelashes that choose to grow outwards instead of upwards, so it's always difficult for me to have nice, lengthy lashes that curl up. It usually takes me about 20 layers of mascara and about 10 minutes of holding the lashes in place for them to stay in that position; and don't even get me started on eye lash curlers - useless!

The neck of the tube takes off a lot of excess mascara so it took a few applications to get a nice finish, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The mascara certainly didn't smudge, and only clumped a tiny bit (much less than other mascaras). Although the wand wont reach the corner lashes, that really doesn't matter. It lengthened my eyelases very nicely and looks as natural as it possibly can do. I love the finished look! A big hit!

I am seriously impressed with this mascara and it's a real contender for the more expensive brands out there. I always thought of Collection 2000 as a cheap and cheerful brand but this mascara just shows that they mean business in the make up stakes. This has got to be my new favourite mascara!


  1. Aww poor you having all that hassle with he mascara, this one does look great on you though and you would never know. Your lashes look like are curling up rather than out

    Bargain xxx

  2. This is next on my list to try :)

  3. wow i love it<3 check it out if you have time:) i would love to hear from you:)xx

  4. That's soo going to my purchase list!

  5. wow, the results are truly amazing!! I love how the eyelashes look after that!


  6. Definitely proves that you don't need ridiculous amounts of money to look amazing - your eyes look wonderful. I'm completely in love with 17 nail varnishes and they're really cheap :)

    Rosie x

  7. xo!


  8. wow!
    My lashes sound like yours - definately going to try this!! x

  9. have to get that mascara!

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  11. Great post! Love the mascara.

    I have given you with the Stylish Blog Award. You can see if you go to my blog.

    If you aren't already a follower, please follow me :)


  12. oo this is surprising,shall give it a go! x

  13. my sis was asking me if this was any good - I'll tell her to get it after seeing this :)



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