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29 January 2011

I don't wake up on weekends...

One half of my wardrobe...

Two articles have caught my eye recently, the first was from Company magazine, claiming that British women have £1.6 billion worth of unworn clothes.

As soon as I saw this article I thought it was talking about me personally! I am one of those annoying people that try things on and buy them and then they sit in my wardrobe for years.

"Cumulatively women spend over £1.6 billion on over 500 million items of clothing that are never worn, which if placed on a single clothes rail, would stretch the distance from London to New York over four and a half times over – a distance of 15,534 miles!

Rash purchases are the main reason for an unworn clothing pile up, with 45% of Brits blaming impulse buys for their unfulfilling wardrobes. Despite unworn clothes taking up 5% of storage space, only 12 per cent regularly clear out their wardrobes with 11% saying they only throw away clothes once every three years and 2% once every ten years!"

This is me all over. Rash buys are a forte of mine, especially if I'm shopping alone and don't have any advice on hand. My most unworn items of clothings are skirts, jeans and dresses. I'm not a skirt or dress person as I hate showing off my legs so they just sit in the wardrobe gathering dust. Why do I even buy them in the first place?! Currently there is a black maxi dress stuffed into the bottom of my wardrobe that I've never worn along with a few others.

"Jeans are the most common items of unworn clothes with 88 per cent of Brits saying they own a pair (or more) of denim trousers that they would never been seen out in. 22% of Brits are modern-day Imelda Marcos, hoarding up to 6 pairs shoes and 95 per cent owning tops that will never be worn."

I am the worst person for hoarding shoes. :\ I love shoes and whenever I spot a pair of gorgeous heels, I stupidly buy them, wear them once or twice and then stuff them in the wardrobe. There's currently a pair of heeled clogs, wedges and trainer heels in the bottom of my wardrobe that I can't bare to part with! Ok...maybe the clogs can go on eBay...

I hate getting rid of my clothes because I feel stupidly guiltly, but then I shouldn't have been stupid enough to buy them in the first place! My nan gave me some money towards the clogs so I feel bad about putting them on eBay, even though I know I probably won't wear them again!

The other article that I noticed was from the Daily Mail website (boo, hiss), which gives tips on how to make sure you'll never buy anything you won't wear again.

The tips given are actually quite helpful. I find that shopping alone is always easier as you're not in a rush and can take your time, but the danger of making rash buys is much higher. I personally prefer shopping on my own as I don't have anyone pointing things out for me and generally annoying me. I can just about bare to shop with my sister but other than that, I'd rather be alone!

'Sleeping on it' is a great tip to stop rash buys and it's something I'm definitely going to try next time I'm about to queue up and purchase things I'm never going to wear!

The two articles have inspired me to be much more careful next time I'm shopping. I need to think seriously about whether or not I'm going to wear the items I've picked up and if I do end up making a rash buy, I need to make sure I take it back to the shop straight away and get a refund!

Right, now I'm off to put the clogs on eBay...


  1. I'm exactly the same, I've lost count of how many items i've got in my wardrobe still with tags on. I'm such an impulse buyer, it's terrible .
    Thanks for your comment, It's nice to see another solenter. although I was on the WFC course a few years ago! x

  2. This is so funny! I'm a complete shoe hoarder too haha x

  3. Really enjoyed reading this, especially the statistics...but I think its time for a wardrobe edit/renovation haha!

  4. I'm so pleased, I'm training myself out of the impulse shopping thing, mostly through charity shops. They are still really helpful tips though!

  5. i know exactly how you feel! i feel so guilty for all of my unworn clothes, which i seem to have so many of! :(

  6. I don't like the idea of getting rid of my unworn clothes. Also, they're not worth Ebay to be honest.
    Plus, you never know when things will come back in style?!
    BUT I'm definitely more careful with my buys lately,

    Rosie x

  7. Such a good post! and I totally relate to it, I'm always buying things and they look good in the changing room but as soon as I'm home I immediately regret buying it...


  8. Haha, I'm the same, I really need to learn to let go of clothes I no longer wear :) x

  9. sooo many clothes, looks good :)

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  10. I am so bad for shoes! I buy so many amazing pairs that are just too damn high/painful to wear which just sit in my wardrobe looking pretty.

    I really need to have a clear out but it jsut seems like such a mission I can't bear to start!

    I try to go shopping with a plan of what I need that's not too specific, but specific enough that I don't go off track ehg 'a black skirt' or 'a new coat'.

  11. Ugh, I have so many clothes that I don't wear! I need to change my habits. Ha. Great post :)

    KF x

  12. I am a really bad impulse buyer! Although to be fair i'm not *quite* as bad as I used to be! Such a bad habit hehe. xo

  13. I know what you mean!
    I have so many clothes I can never find the outfits I'm looking for.

    cute blog, I'm now following you ^_^


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