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5 January 2011

Only boring people are bored...

You'd think that since I have no work deadlines anymore and no job to go to, that my blog would be full of daily posts about the latest goings on in my life...

Well, to be honest, nothing is going on, apart from a lot of lying on the sofa, watching TV and browsing the Internet for jobs. Being at home is driving me crazy, I constantly have the dog running up and down all day long, leaving me little presents on the floor and sitting on the sofa all day is starting to hurt my back.

Vince and I aren't due to go back to Southampton until sometime next week. He's planning on getting a tattoo and has booked himself in for the 12th which means our time at home has been extended a little. Last night we spent the night at my friend's flat which was really relaxing and fun. I ate so much takeaway Curry that my stomach hurt for the rest of the evening, but other than that I had a good time. We are going back again on Saturday for Drinks and Wii playing!

I have been meaning to make a start on refreshing with new reviews and hopefully at some point this year, a new layout. I wanted to try a Wordpress theme but I'm just not clever enough to customise them! I think it's time to write myself out a bit of a to-do list.

One of my New Years resolutions is to take more photographs so hopefully you'll be seeing a lot more images here, but at the moment Vince has our decent camera. I was hoping to do more outfit posts on the days where I feel like putting effort into my outfits but until I can master taking decent photographs, that will have to wait. Vince and I are planning on taking a trip to the Woods soon or even take the dog to beach so I'm sure we'll get some snaps then!


  1. I'm in exactly the same position as you: watching tv on te sofa and applying for jobs.
    Good luck taking more photos. One of my resolutions was learning the ins and outs of my camera, to get the best shots.

  2. jaja love that image, is it a poster?


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