Cherry Pie : A 'should be packing' week in photos

2 September 2012

A 'should be packing' week in photos

Packing up DVDs and CDs / Best game ever! / Sweet treats! / Celebratory tea and cakes / Birthday chinese / New candle! / More food / Giant slipper! / Yankee candle heaven / Animals at the garden centre / Fish! / Scones for lunch / Daisy / Yankee candle haul

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So, I probably should have spent the past week and this weekend furiously packing everything ready for moving on Friday, but I've packed my CDs and DVDs and that's about it!

Yesterday I went to see the house again as it's empty now and luckily I still really liked it! There's some bits of work to do here and there and some painting but overall I'm really looking forward to moving in! I just know it's going to be stressful though!

Yesterday I also went to Cadbury garden centre with my mum, sister and niece. It's surprising how you can manage to spend most of a day just at a garden centre. Daisy enjoyed looking at all of the animals and I enjoyed smelling all of the Yankee candles. I bought a few for the new house!

Today I'm just going to spend most of the day blogging. I'm not sure when I will get internet so I may schedule more posts than usual in case we have to go without for a while!

How have you all spent your weekends?


  1. That Chinese looks soooo good! I actually work in an aquarium at a garden centre, there's nothing cuter than kids that get excited about the fish x

  2. Animals are so cute <3 I'm following you now :)

  3. I love Cadbury! I also really want haribo gold bears, Nailsea doesn't seem to sell them!


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