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10 February 2011

Sneaky shopping trip

I've been very naughty today...I accidentally on purpose paid a little visit to New Look today and purchased two tops from my Weekly Wishlist!

After looking around town yesterday, I tried on the Peter Pan Tie Shirt but decided against buying it, then today, after my trial at Hotel Chocolat I decided to go in and try it on again, knowing I would end up buying it.

While browsing around I spotted the Spotty Peter Pan Tee and as that's on my Wishlist aswell, decided to take it into the changing rooms with me. Luckily both tops looked really nice and with 20% student discount (thank God for Student cards that don't expire until July!) I had to get them both as a little treat and also as something to wear during my Work Experience at Red magazine next month.

As I mentioned, I had a trial at Hotel Chocolat this morning. I think it went well. I had to greet customers as they came into the store and then offer them a sample of a Strawberry love heart. I was very polite, asking the customers if they needed any help etc..etc but when offering samples I was not telling them they were Strawberry love hearts until they had already picked them up and started eating...the manager told me I should be telling them straight away that they were Strawberry which I started doing. My aim was to try and sell some of the chocolates but unfortunately nobody brought any. :( My trial only lasted half an hour as it was a really quite morning and I was told I'd hear back in about a week. I feel kind of confident and unconfident at the same time, I'm kicking myself for my stupid mistake!

Now I'm looking forward to doing nothing all weekend. I was originally supposed to be going to London with Vince to see My Chemical Romance at Wembley Arena but I decided to sell my tickets on Twitter to a fellow fan. I really need some money at the moment so it didn't seem right that I was spending £60 on a hotel for a night plus tube fares and meals as well as already having paid nearly £60 for the tickets themselves. Luckily someone brought the tickets pretty quickly and the Hotel was free to cancel, so now the money is going towards my work experience travelling next month. They are my favourite band ever but I've seen them 4 times before and I'm sure I'll see them again, it's a shame but I thought I'd be sensible for once!


  1. I hope you get the job! I handed in a CV yesterday to a place my friend works at and she recommended me for her position. I really hope I get an interview but I'm so worried at the same time! D:

    Shame about not being able to go, but at least everything got sorted easily :D Plus the money is going to something important :) xxx

  2. I hope you hear some good news about the job - it sounds like you did well so I wouldn't beat yourself up about one little thing; I'll bet they looked like they were strawberry :)

  3. I have the spotty tee but haven't even worn it yet! Feeling a little uninspired for some reason...
    And I hope you get the job! I think as long as you're polite and smiley then they won't mind a little hiccup.

    Rosie x

  4. love love love the spotty peter pan top!
    hope you get the job!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  5. I seriously love the beige top! that is uber cute!! Looks really expensive! Great find! I never find good stuff like you do in New look although I did just get a gorgeous tan bag from there :) *result* xxx

  6. your making me crave hotel chocolat, I cant resist the samples! I'd so have bought something if you offered me a sample! Haa. I'm going in to the Bristol one on Monday methinks.


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