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13 February 2011

Maybeshewill - Critical Distance single review

Maybeshewill - Critical Distance

Described by Thrash Hits magazine as 'more DIY than B&Q,' Maybeshewill have a lot to live up to. Their first two albums both received glittering reviews from the likes of Kerrang! Rocksound and BBC Radio 1 and the band have recently been hard at work crafting their follow up LP. Critical Distance is the first single to be taken from the EP and is due for release on March 7th.

Having never heard Maybeshewill before; I was pleasantly surprised, their DIY ethics have created an uplifting and heartfelt track full of soaring guitars, a dance-a-long melody and thrilling beats. After the piano intro I quickly realised that no vocals were included in the track at all and not once did I feel that there was anything missing, if anything I believe the track would be ruined if vocals were to be added to it. Critical Distance is all about the music and the imagery it creates in your mind. The track is a total show-stopper, a sharp intake of breath and a tune that you could get lost in for hours.

Review by Cherry Pullinger


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  1. I love this band! They are touring in March as well, so I'm hoping to catch a gig in Glasgow.
    Totally agree - everything would be ruined with a vocal. None of their tracks feature vocals x


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