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9 February 2011

NOTM & What's in my Nail Polish bag!

Another day spent being bored out of my skull means I've taken to painting my nails, again. I've built up rather a big collection of Nail Polishes over the years and as I paint my nails nearly every other day, I thought I'd introduce another regular feature, Nail Of The Moment! Instead of the common 'Nail Of The Day' posts as seen on other blogs, this one will feature when I manage to do a good job of painting my nails.

Today I've got for two Models Own polishes in Slate Green and Blue Moon. The Slate Green is a gorgeous colour, but one application leaves it looking a little thin. The Blue Moon polish takes just one layer and really stands out! I love it!

As I mentioned, I have built up quite a collection of polishes, so here's your chance to take a look inside my Nail Polish bag:

Models Own

Nails Inc

Barry M


Miss Sporty


I have so many polishes that I've accidentally purchased duplicate colours and there are some in there that I haven't even used. My absolute favourites are the Nails Inc and Models Own colours as they are so easy to apply and come in such gorgeous colours!

Tomorrow I have a trial at Hotel Chocolat. It seems my interview went particularly well as I got a call the next day asking for me to go in for an hours trial. I'll be on the shop floor serving customers and handing out samples of chocolate, wish me luck!


  1. gorgeous collection :)
    I really need more miss sporty!! x

  2. Great collection, need to get my hands on more barry M. Not sure what's stopped me before! xx

  3. I wear a lot of Barry M nail varnish but I got that free Nails Inc one from Diet Coke (as I see you did) and I have to say I was very impressed with it!

    Good luck with the trial, it seems like you've got fairly fair through the application process so I'm sure they like you already.

  4. Love your collection! Good luck tomorrow x

  5. I really like the green colour. Hope tomorrow goes well.

  6. wooooooooooooooow!
    you have so much nail polish, love your models own colours :)

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)


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