Cherry Pie : Alexa Chung in Christopher Kane Resort 2011 Empire Line Galaxy-Print Dress

25 February 2011

Alexa Chung in Christopher Kane Resort 2011 Empire Line Galaxy-Print Dress

I don't usually do these sorts of posts but after the Karen Gillan one not so long ago, I've developed a bit of a liking for them. They won't be too regular, just as and when I spot a Celeb in an outfit I completely adore!

Today I spotted this photo of Alexa Chung on the Red Carpet at the NME awards. She always always looks so stylish, so this was no exception, but I particularly LOVE the Christopher Kane Resort 2011 Empire Line Galaxy-Print Dress that she's wearing. The little hint of leather is pretty edgy and I love the cosmic blue and orange print on the skirt.

If I had money to burn, £965 to be precise, and I wasn't so afraid of wearing dresses, then this would be sitting in my wardrobe right now!

What do you all think?

*Image courtesy of LOOK


  1. In my personal opinion Alexa never fails
    to get it right :)

    Little Humble Fashion Abode

  2. Wowza, she looks effortlessly gorgeous as always!

  3. i saw this pic on a site quickly this morning and was shocked as its not alexas usual style but it suits her so much - please let topshop/h&m copy this - its stunning x

  4. I saw this photo in the news the other day - it's a great dress. If I had £965, well, I'd probably buy 9 £100 dresses, but if I had twice £965 and an invite to the NME awards I might consider this dress for the second lot of cash!

  5. She looks wonderful as ever,

    Rosie x

  6. It's nice and Alexa makes it super amazing, but I think if I had a thousand quid to blow, this probably wouldn't be my first choice..


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