Cherry Pie : In Oceans - In Oceans EP

27 February 2011

In Oceans - In Oceans EP

1. Less Chat More Rat
2. Kaleidoscopes
3. Sharks
4. Crooked
5. Mating Rituals

Review by Cherry Pullinger

As perfectly polished and frankly unforgettable releases are making their way into popular culture, a handful of bands are rebelling and creating a rougher and edgier DIY sound. In Oceans are a part of this tiny minority, having recently released their self titled debut EP.

Their DIY Punk aesthetic is frantic and sporadic. They crack out random melodies and the off chorus with ease and surround it with off-centre riffs, agitated crashing and almost anarchic beats. They aren't tracks that flow easily. It's safe to say that they're pretty difficult to sing-a-long to and I'm not sure how well they would hold up in a live environment, but if you ever feel the need for angsty, snapping rock, this EP is a must.

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