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27 February 2011

NOTD: Giles Deacon inspired!

I know I'm a bit behind with these but it hasn't been long since I really got into nail art. Looking through some nail art blogs and websites, I came across the Giles Deacon nails and wanted to try it out instantly.

I ordered some cool dotting tools from eBay for a few pounds which now enables me to do perfect round dots, instead of dodgy smudged ones. As soon as they came through the post this morning I decided to try them out and so I created the 'googly' eye look.

I opted for bright colours instead of a whole load of pastels as it's more fun that way!

Created using dotting tools, Models Own Slate Green, Nails Inc Victoria, Nails Inc Denim, Nails Inc Hampstead Heath, Nails Inc London, Barry M Matt White and 17 Pink Grapefruit.

I think they look rather cute and funky. Apart from the odd problem with the white polish, it didn't take very long at all, they also made me chuckle when they were poking over the top of my book last night as I was reading. :D



  1. These are bloody wicked !! I need to invest in same dotting tools, if you could tweet me a link to the seller would love you forever. These are spot on !

  2. wow i love these, they're so fun!

    love your blog too, new follower :)

    please check mine out if you get a chance,

  3. Cute nails; they came out real professional looking...

  4. Love them, I've been meaning to do this myself for weeks now!



  5. Oh how cute!! I would just chuckle everytime I would sneak a glimpse of my nails :P But I do think my Mr would be freaked out by it haha!

  6. HAHA! Those nails are amazingly adorable ;)

  7. I adore your blog, I'm following!

    would love you to enter my giveaway:


  8. Oh they look amazing! I didn't even know dotting tools like that existed. So useful for designs like this!

  9. I REALLY want to recreate this look and you've done it so well xo

  10. I was thinking of doing these too! they look AWESOME! :)

  11. SO cool! I need to get me some of those dotting things.

  12. Omg, possibly the cutest nails i've seen! x

  13. Oh wow, they look so cool! Must give this a go someday,

    Rosie x

  14. These are really good - they look extra effective with the different coloured nails -might even try these myself lol


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