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18 February 2011

NOTD featuring Models Own - Purple Grey!

The majority of my nail polish bag is made up from Barry M polishes, and they've been a favourite of mine for quite a while, but after discovering that most of them go gloopy and discusting after a while, I have a new favourite. That favourite is of course, Models Own. I bloody love their polishes and although I don't have many, I am aiming to build up quite a collection.

The one I absolutely love at the moment is Purple Grey and it's featuring as my NOTD alongside some cute rhinestones. I purchased a 'wheel' of 2400 Rhinestones from eBay for just £1, which is a bit of a bargain! The only problem is, there doesn't look like there's 2400, but I'm not about to sit and count them.

The past few days have been a bit hectic! Our drains at our house in Southampton have overflowed all over our alleyway, which is not a pleasant site I must say, and the Landlord is threatening to charge us because he thinks we've been stuffing ridiculous items down there. So there's been lots of arguing with him and of course we're all on edge, waiting for the drain to explode or something.

We've decided to come home for the weekend. It was pretty last minute as Vince has ordered a new phone and the only place that it could be delivered was to his home address, so we've had to come and pick it up. I don't mind too much because it means free meals and warmth for the weekend, plus, the phone comes with a free Playstation 3 which Vince is keeping AND he's giving me the phone, woo! The phone is an HTC Wildfire with touchscreen and all that jazz and I'm quite looking forward to getting it, but it means bye bye Blackberry!



  1. I agree with you, Barry M nail polishes do get gloopy after a while! Gorgeous colour :)


  2. Thanks for stopping by and for the comment! Gorgeous nail colour and I love the rhinestones!!
    Tamera xo

  3. I have this polish on right now, love it!

  4. Love this polish. I've been thinking of changing my BB for a HTC... have to let us nkow if it's any good! xx


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