Cherry Pie : Hair experiment #1 - The fishtail plait

16 February 2011

Hair experiment #1 - The fishtail plait

Yes, I know the fishtail plait/braid is nothing new, but for me it is! I always always always wear my hair down because I'm just so lazy, but recently I've been trying to experiment with more hair styles.

My hair has become so long and lank and it's just basically doing my head in at the moment (irony alert!). All of the layers have pretty much grown out and it's just straight and boring. I'm not a fan of wearing my hair up in a ponytail so I've been trying out curling, plaiting and side ponytails quite a bit recently!

After watching a bunch of tutorial videos, I finally managed to complete my first fishtail plait! Hooray! It took quite a few efforts to get this and I got in a mood with it quite a lot, but finally here it is. I know it's messy and not perfect but I'm proud because it took me such a long time to master. Practice makes perfect!

*I apologise for the quality of these images as they were taken on my Laptop's Web Cam which has super high contrast for some reason!

Thank you to Youtube user: bebexo!

P.S, I found out I didn't get the job at Hotel Chocolat. Apparently they went with someone who had better qualifications in handing out free samples of chocolate and greeting customers. (Bitter, me?) I do however have an interview next week with River Island. Has anyone else ever had a River Island interview? What can I expect?


  1. That looks so good! My hair has too many short layers so I can't do that :( x

  2. Love your fistail plait! I also haven't done it before, maybe I'll try too.. :)

  3. It looks great, I might try it :)

  4. That looks great, I love doing them on other people, sadly my own hair isn't long enough yet.


  5. Cute plait, it looks really professional. Good luck with the job interview btw, if they're after people into their fashion I'd say swot up on trends xx

  6. Looks lovely :)

    For retail it's best to know a few of their trends and your favourite items. Then just know who their main competitors are and the sort of age they market to.

  7. Your hair looks great! I've tried to do a fishtail plait many many times but I just can't get the hang of it!

  8. I absolutely love this look, you go girl!


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