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8 June 2016

How to stop living for the weekend

Stop living for the weekend

When you're working full time 9am - 5pm (ish) it's hard to not live for the weekends. Long lovely lie-ins, tea in a snuggly bed and two days of no stress stretching out before you.

It's all too easy to clock watch, finally get home and then slump on the sofa in-front of the TV for the rest of the evening. While you may not feel like doing anything after a hard day's work, popping various activities into your week nights actually gives you something other than the weekend to look forward to and it helps the week appear as if it's going faster too. I thought I'd share a few tips you could try to keep yourself busy during the week in order to stop yourself living for the weekend.

Take up a hobby
Taking up a new hobby to keep you occupied during the week is a great idea. I've been attending crochet classes every other Thursday and I really look forward to them. The hobby also stretches to outside of classes as I can come home from work and spend the evening with my hands full of wool, creating something lovely. It's very therapeutic and relaxing too.

Hit an exercise class
If you want something a bit more active then signing up to an exercise class is a good idea too. Last year I took up spin and now my mum and I attend Yoga every week. I also have a spin bike in my garage, which technically is still at home, but I have to go through the garden to the garage so I technically get away from the house and can shut myself away with no distractions. Exercise is a great way of getting your stresses of the day out - especially if you have a particularly stressful job!

Cook up a storm
Cooking is something I've been doing more and more of recently. When I get home from work I pop some music on and hit up one of my recipe books. It may seem pretty simple but cooking/eating is definitely something to look forward to, especially if like me you don't think of anything else but food!

It's a lot easier to go for a nice walk with all this lovely weather we're having. We have two beaches near us so I love to walk along the sea front. We also have a woods, which I like to visit too. It's good to get some fresh air into your lungs and again, it's something to look forward to while you're daydreaming out of the office window.

Get your blog on
Another one that's easier with the lighter evenings is getting on with some blogging in the evenings. If you spend all day on a computer you may not be keen on the writing bit but perhaps you could take some photos, get organised, write lists, sort out all your products or work on the layout side of things.

I definitely need to take my own advice with this one as blogging for me is usually left until a Sunday and I then feel it's eating into my weekend, so if I got organised and got my blog on during the week nights it would definitely leave me more free time!

Sometimes all you want to do is come home and chill out in-front of the sofa and once you've finished work you probably can't muster the energy for a workout or going for a walk but once you've done it you feel so much better. It feels like you've lengthened the day a bit, that your whole day hasn't been surrounded by work and you have some kind of life again.

P.S - I haven't been able to get that awful Hard-Fi 'Living for the Weekend' song out of my head since writing this post.


  1. Love this post, some great ideas for what to do after work. Sophie x

  2. This is such a good post- thank you :)

  3. Brilliant post! I've tried adding extra activities to my schedule to busy myself and it does make the week go faster!

    Rachael at

    1. Thank you, glad it's working for you!

  4. I love this kind of posts. This is so helpful. Sometimes I'm that kind person who lives for the weekend, but I try my best not to do that.

    Charming CocoInstagram

  5. These are such good tips! I know that myself and many others will find this post so useful! Xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  6. This is a great post! I agree that doing an exercise class or going for a walk are excellent things to do and really liven up the monday-friday stretch!

    Rachel x Scrimping In Style


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