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9 September 2015

Total Hair Experts Pastel Miniature Hairdryer

Total Hair Experts Pastel Miniature Hairdryer

Funnily enough, hairdryers are pretty tricky to photograph! Luckily this is a miniature hairdryer, otherwise I would have been stuffed! I recently received this cute mint green hairdryer and it's already working wonders for me.

Earlier in the year I won a hair dryer in a competition and while it is a good, professional hair dryer, it's SO heavy and it smells weird after you use it so I was looking for something a bit more compact and easier to hold, cue this mini mint green delight. The hairdryer is so lightweight that it doesn't ache your arm at all, no matter how long you spend on your hair. It's super easy to use as well with two heat/speed settings and a 'cool' option for styling.

I mentioned that it's pretty compact and it can be made even more so thanks to the foldable handle. It also has dual voltage so is the all-round perfect product when you're travelling. It is 1400W which is powerful but not so powerful that it does great damage to your hair. My hair is just below shoulder-length and it does a good job of drying it in a decent time!

This is a pretty perfect, budget-friendly hairdryer, great for travelling and also great for anyone who is off to Uni this/next month and needs to buy something on a budget. At £18 this is a bit of a bargain, but from today you can get it even cheaper at Tesco Beauty online or in-store for just £12 until October 4.

Have you tried the THX Mini Hairdryer or anything else from the range? Let me know in the comments.

*This post contains a PR sample.


  1. This is adorable, I might have to pick one up to keep at Ben's! x

  2. Lovely hair dryer! Love the colour! x

  3. ahh this looks so cute but I don't think 1400W would be enough for me, rightly or wrongly i usually go for 2000W because my hair is so blooming thick it would take an age to dry but I guess this would be good for using as a travel hair dryer

    Jade x
    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog


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