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21 September 2015

A look back: Barry M autumn polishes

Barry M Autumn Quick dry
Barry M Autumn
Barry M Autumn Quick dry
Barry M Autumn Quick dry

Recently I featured a couple of autumn nail shades from Barry M's new Quick Dry range, then while I was browsing my blog photo folders I came across last year's autumn range and was inspired to put together this little post, featuring my favourite autumn ranges from Barry M's past. I'm sure there are ranges dating back to before 2013, but this was all I could find in my archive posts.

By far my favourite range is the gorgeous Autumn Gelly Range. It's like the creators of the nail polish went out and picked up some colourful autumn leaves, blended them up and made a nail polish with them. The colours are just SO spot on for autumn and I am definitely digging all of these out of my nail polish boxes ready to rock them once again! My favourite colour combination has got to be the Mustard and Chai. Gorgeous.

Following close behind is the new 2015 Quick Dry autumnal range, which I blogged about only last week. The colours are again on point for autumn and interestingly, they're completely different from the 2014 shades. I'm absolutely loving berry shades this year and these polishes were really impressive to, as you'll find out if you read the post!

It looks like Barry M actually release two different autumn ranges in 2014. Alongside the Gelly range was the Silk range, another one that I absolutely loved. I haven't used Barry M's silk paints in forever but I remember they were absolutely dreamy to apply...very silky in fact! The finish on them was great as well and they lasted ages. Interestingly there's a couple of berry shades alongside a green, more lovely combinations!

Looking back through my archives I came across a post about a couple of Matte polishes, which were released in 2013. After a little research it looks like the matte polish was Barry Mn's 2013 autumn offering and the two shades pictured above were two of five brown/nude and coffee-esque shades. Again, quite a difference from other autumn ranges not only in the shades but in the matte finish too. Again these were lovely to apply although they took a bit longer to dry than most. The finish is great though and if I remember correctly, the following spring/summer a range of great colours came out. There's also now a matte top coat so you can get matte nails with any shade!

I've been a Barry M fan for years and years and it's actually been really interesting to look back over its autumn ranges from the past few years. I would have loved to have gone even further back - are there any ranges you remember specifically? Let me know in the comments.


  1. love the ones from 2015 such glorious colours


  2. The Autumn nail polish collection this year is absolutely stunning - I've loved Barry M nail polishes for so long now!

    Lucy |

  3. Barry M are my favourite brand by far especially for autumn shades x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  4. Barry M always do the perfect shades for each season!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  5. I own a lot of Barry M nail polishes but surprisingly I have none of these! Loved the look of the Quick Dry autumnal range when you first posted it but all these others look gorgeous too - especially the Silk range. Definitely need to get myself down to my local Barry M stand asap :) x
    Charlotte's Road

    1. It was really nice rediscovering all the different ranges!

  6. Barry M do such an extensive range of nail varnishes- it's almost too hard to choose a colour, but I love it!

    Katya | The Beauty Harbour

  7. Nice shades! Great for autumn♥♥


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