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13 November 2015

Freedom Makeup Pro Studio Priming Water

Freedom Makeup Pro Studion Priming Water

Another day, another priming product! I've heard of general primers that go on under your make-up but I've never really been a big fan. They're always very greasy and sillicone-y and I have never found them much use in keeping my make-up in place. It's all so much effort.

Thank the lord for Freedom Makeup's new Pro Studio Priming Water. Yes I said comes in a cute little bottle, which you simply spritz all over your face before applying your make-up. The ultimate lazy primer application.

It creates a lovely, smooth base and leaves your skin feeling lightly refreshed without being too greasy or wet. It doesn't need any rubbing in either, you simply spray and go.

The first time I tried this was underneath some Halloween make-up so I feel like I gave it quite a thorough test. It took a good few hours to get all my photos taken and the primer helped the make-up stay well in place and looking great. It also helped keep my skin feel super hydrated.

It does everything you need a primer to do and more. It can even be spritzed on the face after make-up application through out the day to keep yourself feeling extra refreshed.

Have you tried the Freedom Makeup Pro Studio Priming Water? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

*This post contains a PR sample.


  1. Sounds lovely - never heard of a priming water before!! x

  2. I am a HUGE fan of lazy girl products!! Never had much success with primers either so this sounds interesting.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)
    Gillian  xx  EyelinerFlicks

  3. I've been a little wary about priming waters, just because I wasn't sure it would work. But I now want to buy this after reading your review!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  4. This product sounds amazing, I definitely need to try it. Great post!



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