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29 October 2010

Plan B

I can't believe it's nearly November already. Christmas decorations and presents are already going on sale in Shops and Halloween hasn't even happened yet! So, Vince and I have been officially living together for nearly two months and it's going really well...except for the fact that neither of us have any money and we're sharing our living room and kitchen with a furry family of mice!

We thought we only had the one after the boys accidentally caught it on camera...that particular furry creature is now dead thanks to out mouse traps but we've since found two more mice holes in the living room so we're pretty sure there's a few more scurrying about. We have one in the kitchen also, who seems to be some kind of magician mouse. We've put food on the traps but it seems to be able to get onto the trap, lean into and get the food out without the trap getting it. Clever! We're going to have to resort to poison pretty soon!

Anyway, enough about mice. As I said, living together is going well except for the fact that neither of us has any money. Over the summer I worked and saved in the hope I would be able to live on it until after Christmas when I could find a job that wasn't a Christmas temp. Unfortunately my plan hasn't seemed to work as I don't think my money will be able to stretch that far, especially as I have to buy presents as well! Hopefully there will be some shifts in the Student Union but other than that, I'm going to have to hope there's a job for me when I go back home for Christmas.

Last weekend Vince and I went to London for the weekend. It was a really great weekend. I bought tickets to see my favourite band, My Chemical Romance. I booked the Custom House at ExCel hotel for us to stay in which was really nice, we ended up falling asleep when we got there as we're not used to getting up so early to catch the coach. Anyway, we made it to the gig and I have to say it was amazing! If you've read the below post which includes my review, you'll be able to tell, but it was possibly the best gig I've been to in a long long time. There isn't very many photos of Vince and I as I seem to be incapable of smiling properly but there are a few gig photos that I took on my phone and my camera. My camera is RUBBISH by the way!

As I said, my camera is rubbish so these were the best I could get. On the Sunday we enjoyed a nice cooked breakfast and then decided we would pick a place on the tube map and go exploring. Well, instead we settled on Shepherds Bush and decided to see Paranormal Activity 2 and have a roast dinner! Brilliant :)

Since then I've been working on and various reviews. I've got another review lined up for the Portsmouth News, which will hopefully be printed in the paper! Fingers crossed!

I'm just one followed away from 80! That's amazing. :)


  1. Ah, sorry to hear about the mice! My grandad's house had mice, they can be very clever creatures! Hope you manage to sort it out soon.

    The MCR gig sounds like it was great. I heard loads of fans singing on Radio 1 whilst they were queueing. Were you there?

  2. exactly! you understand the pain of trying to get sand out from inbetween your toes! i got no sand in my shoes wearing those boots, it was great!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  3. See, i agree with what you wrote on my post, letters to people from uni are really fun!! :)
    What kind of things do you write about?
    Also why did you not join anything??

  4. i know where has the year gone? so excited for xmas x


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