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16 October 2010

Birthday treats!

On Wednesday it was my 22nd birthday! I feel so old now! 22 is a bit of a boring age so I didn't do much to celebrate! I stayed in bed pretty much all day and was treated to a cooked breakfast from Vince as well as some pressies!

I love the fact that he got me some books! He and our housemate went to Tesco at 1am and he said he picked them up there because he thought he didn't get me enough! I have yet to play the Wii game but I will get round to it. The best present of all was a Topshop gift the value of...£100! Yayyy! I've already spent £16 on a new jumper but at least with the voucher it means I can go shopping without getting into debt!

He also took me out to dinner at a really nice Chinese restaurant in Southampton. I had a really nice, relaxing day over all :)

I'm currently at home for the weekend! My parents gave me money for my birthday, my nan gave me a great black studded leather luggage bag which I love and my other Nan & Grandad gave me a cute black cardigan which I also love. :)

Once I get back to Southampton I'm going to have to make myself some sort of budget to stick to. I'm trying to survive until Christmas without a job as everything is Christmas temp stuff at the moment and I would really like to be able to come home over the holidays. I have a few shifts selling Graduation ball tickets, which I'm sure will be thrilling, but other than that, nothing. Eek!

Anyway, enough of that. I have some good news. I have been made the new Sub-Editor of :) I have loads of ideas for the site which will hopefully drive traffic up. If anyone is interested in writing for the site you should definitely get in contact!


  1. Ohhh a belated happy birthday, i love getting books as a present! x

  2. happy belated birthday ! :)
    followed yours. mind to follow back?
    nice blog btw ;)

  3. Happy Belated Bday. Sounds like a lovely day. Always nice to get money to spend for guilt free shopping but also stuff people have made an effort to go out and buy.

    Congrats on being made sub editor of Style Clone.


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