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1 October 2010

Rimmel Lasting Finish Fruties

I'm a bit of a nut when it comes to nail polishes (one day I'll reveal the depths of my nail polish bag) and I have pretty much every colour going so I've hit a bit of a dead end when it comes to finding new colours. However, I'm just getting started on finding new FLAVOURS! Yes that's right...scented nail polish is the next big thing, so I decided to try Rimmel's Lasting Finish Fruties nail polish in Apricot Punch.

Although I've probably got this colour three times over now, I couldn't resist having a scented nail polish. I didn't fancy the bright pink or vanilla colours so opting for this, I expected to be overcome by a lovely Apricot whiff.

Unfortunately I was a little disappointed. After applying the nail polish, (Only one coat needed, thumbs up!) I sat at my computer continuously sniffing my nails only to find that the scent was pretty weak and certainly not packing any punches like it's namesake.

It's certainly fruity and it dried incredibly quickly, but you pretty much have to inhale it to be able to smell even the slightest hint of Apricot. £2.99 is not a bad price for a nail polish but I was expecting a more fruity scent for my money.

*Image shows the colour a little more pink than it really is.



  1. I love these nail polishes! I think they go on really well and last a long time. Cute blog! Im now following :) xo

  2. wow i haven't tried these yet, they look amazing though! x


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