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13 October 2010

Barry M Instant Effects Nail Polish!

I have been itching to get my hands on this new nail polish. I've seen it reviewed on a few blogs but when I sent Vince in search of it, it was all sold out in my local Boots and Superdrug. Thankfully when I went into Boots today, there it was smiling at me from the shelf!

The nail polish comes with a tiny booklet with 2 simple instructions!

1. Paint your nails with your chosen colour and let them dry. OK, done. With my lovely new Missguided Splash Polish (reviewed lower down)

2. Apply a SINGLE COAT of Instant Nail Effects, don't overlap. There's the hard bit. Applying a single layer without overlapping is pretty difficult, especially on the thumb nail as it's so much bigger than the rest. I found that painting the middle and then the sides quickly was a really good way to do it, I did overlap on a few nails but it still doesn't look too bad!

The effect is amazing. As soon as the nail polish goes on, it dries into a matte finish right before your eyes. Then you'll see the nail varnish slowly splitting into sections. I found that on the nails where I overlapped the polish, it simply split down the middle and round the sides, leaving two quite large splodges of polish, but it still doesn't look too bad! It dries in an instant which is great and looks even better with a clear top coat.

I think it will take a bit of practice and with different colour base coats, it will look even better! My boyfriend kindly pointed out that it looks like I've just chipped my nail polish a lot, but I chose to ignore him! There's definitely a technique to applying this polish that I have yet to master but once I do, it will look great and not at all like I've chipped it all off!

I can't wait to see what other tricks Barry M have up their sleeves.


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