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21 October 2010

Just keep shopping...

I just wanted to say hi to my few new followers. *Hi* It's great that people are interested enough in my blog to keep coming back. Maybe I'll hold a little giveaway when I reach 80 followers?

Since I've been back in Southampton I've been fretting over what I'm going to wear for my graduation. I know you're all thinking that no one will see my outfit anyway but you'll be surprised how much you actually can see...anyway I've opted for this skirt from RARE for £15.

I'm planning on teaming it with some tights and teeny tiny heels but I'm still not sure what top to wear with it. We've been advised to wear a top with buttons so the gowns can be fixed to us properly...which limits me in what I can wear really. Any suggestions welcome!

Since I've been back I've been spending my Topshop giftcard pretty swiftly. I only have about £30 left on it, but I've picked up some nice stuff. :) I bought these ultra snug ankle boots which are great for the cold weather! (They look MUCH nicer in real life)

I also decided to try one of their Nail polishes. I opted for 'Lead' which is a sparkly black and I have to admit I was a bit disappointed! It's a nice colour but it chipped very quickly and after just a day I ended up taking it off! Shame.

I also spotted a cute sparkly brown eye crayon on the shelf posing as a tester, so I picked up a wrapped crayon, got it home and found it was a normal brown with absolutely no sparkle. My own fault really as I should have checked. I'm gutted because you can't get refunds on make up. :(

I really like the Peter Pan collar dresses they have in Topshop at the moment, however, I don't think I'd ACTUALLY wear it so I'm avoiding temptation!


  1. Oh I love those boots, I've been searching for a pair of perfect ankle boots for ages so might have to check out Topshop!

    Sally x

    Louder Than Silence

  2. those boots are gorgeous - topshop is my downfall too :)


  3. Such a lovely skirt!


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