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18 July 2016

Manicure Monday: Essie Gel Couture

Essie Gel Couture
Essie Gel Couture

Trying a little somethin' new with the old blog photos today - do let me know what you think in the comments. If it's a hit I'll probably alternate this style with the usual flat lays.

Anyway, on with the post. Today I'm talking about yet another gel polish release, this time from Essie. Everytime I go into Boots it's Essie's stand that catches my eye but I only ever really buy anything when there's an offer on as £8 for a single polish is a little expensive for me personally. However, recently I came across the new Gel Couture polish range, which comprises of new twisted style bottles as well as twisted brush stem and super wide brush for ease of application, and I just had to give them a go. You simply pop on the base coat of choice, I picked up 'Looks to Thrill', which is a orange-toned coral shade, and then whack the clear top coat on top. Simples.

I'm a huge fan of the wide brushes on these polishes, they cover the entire nail with ease. The top coat brush in particular is pretty huge!

Essie Gel Couture

I needed a couple of coats of the base colour, which is such a gorgeous shade, as it was a little streaky. Two coats did the trick though and it dried super duper fast too, ready for the top coat, which gives it a gloriously shiney finish. Essie claim the gel polishes last up to 14 days but this is really dependent on how often you're using your hands and for what sort of tasks you're using them for. If you were a lady of leisure, unlike myself, I'm sure this would last the full 14 days.

Unfortunately one of my nails started chipping after two days of application. None of the nails lasted even seven days, there was minimal chipping on most of them and on one nail the polish was coming away in great chunks. REALLY disappointing. The point of gel nail polish is to be able to get a gel manicure at home at a fraction of the price, which means it should at least last longer than your average highstreet nail polish. I hadn't even put my nails through their paces either with housework or washing up. By day six I removed all the polish, I actually peeled it all off as it was coming away so easily.

Overall I'm super disappointed with this. The colour is amazing but it just doesn't last, chipping after two days is just not good enough, especially as these polishes are on the more expensive side. It seems like a real waste of money.

Have you tried the new Essie Gel Couture polish? Let me know in the comments what you thought.

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  1. This is so disappointing, it's such a lovely colour though. Great post and I love this style of photography it's very eye-catching xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  2. Oh what a shame it doesn't meet expectation, it is a gorgeous colour xx

  3. What a freaking disappointment. Still, super gorgeous pics, girl! *pinned*

    Coco | The Beauty Milk

  4. I've yet to try the gel version of Essie. But the color looks nice on you :)

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

  5. That colours is really pretty, too bad it didn't last as long as it should, I also always find my nails chipping super fast, it' so disappointing

  6. Essie was well-know brand to try the new product and it was wonderful to use How to find video Captioning Services online

  7. I saw these on Heart's snapchat awhile back and fell in love with the packaging. But I was already disappointed by Sally Hansen's gel polish, so I figured this one might be gimmicky, too :/ pretty color though!

  8. I love the shades! I can imagine them looking good to any skin tone! Outside Clinic


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