Cherry Pie : Manicure Monday: Seventeen Gel Colour in Dark and Stormy

11 January 2016

Manicure Monday: Seventeen Gel Colour in Dark and Stormy

Seventeen Gel Colour in Dark and Stormy
Seventeen Gel Colour in Dark and Stormy

While recently looking at my nail polish collection I came up with the idea of this new regular feature - not exactly original I know but a good way to rediscover nail polishes I haven't used in a while and to prove that I haven't just bought them all only to use once and also a nice way to showcase any new polishes I pick up.

As I perused the shelves of Boots recently I came across the Seventeen cosmetics counter and its 'New Year New Nail Colour', in which sat some purple and blue shades of Gel Colour. Now, I'm not exactly sure if these are new to the brand or just Boots' way of trying to make a sale but I picked up the shade 'Dark and Stormy' as the name and colour seemed to match my mood at the time.

In some lights it looks like a dark purple, in other it looks blue, kind of like a stormy sky you might say. I definitely prefer any gel polishes over normal polishes nowadays, they're just so much nicer to apply, they dry quicker and obviously last longer. This one is no different, it's lovely and thick, but not thick enough that it's gloopy. It comes with a wide brush so it applies in one lovely swoop of the nail and dries super quickly too.

It claims to last up to eight days, which is a pretty bold claim and I think only possible if you're pretty much a lady of leisure and don't have tons of housework and washing up to do that puts strain on your polish. My nails started chipping slightly on day three, on day four one of the fingers of polish had a corner missing. On day five there was still only minimal chipping, still quite impressive for a working week's wear. Being a beauty blogger I don't often have the same nail polish on for more than a week so although it may not have lasted eight days like it claims too, I'm still really impressed as I've seen many polishes look a lot worse after this amount of time.

For £3.99 the Gel Colour polishes are perfect little pick-me-ups you can pop in your basket when you're in Boots, not because you need anything in particular, but you just need to browse the beauty! I'd definitely recommend picking up a couple of shades, but keep an eye out because Seventeen is often on 3 for 2.

Have you tried Seventeen's Gel Colour polishes? Let me know what you think in the comments.


  1. This shade looks lovely - Definitely something I'd wear on my toes or in the Winter x

  2. I really love this colour! My nails chip so easily so really intrigued to give this a try and see if it's lasts a little longer than a day on me, like most nail polishes do!

    Katya | The Beauty Harbour

  3. What a gorgeous shade - seems really great!

    Lucy | Forever September

  4. This looks perfect for the winters month. I could definitely see myself wearing this over the next couple of months!

    Jodie | Jodie Loue

  5. I haven't tried any Seventeen nail varnishes but this does look a lovely colour and the wear sounds time sounds quite impressive x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. I'm impressed when any polish lasts more than 4 days tbh!

  6. Love this colour! I haven't tried any Seventeen nail varnishes before but I love how long wearing it seems to be

    Lauren x |


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