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1 January 2016

2015 blogging resolutions...a look back

Recently I've been having a lot of fun looking back at my old blog posts from 2015. I came across a post I made of 2015 Blogging Resolutions and thought it would be fun to discuss them a little further and let you all know how I did.

At the start of 2015 I declared I wanted to reach 2,000 Bloglovin' followers...and I did! I can't believe it that 2,000 people voluntarily follow this blog, letalone read it! It's amazing to me. If you'd like to help me make it to 3,000, you can do so here.

In 2015 I aimed to improve my blog photography and I am certainly more comfortable with using my camera and I personally am happy with the photos I'm producing. I do tend to have 'off' days where things don't go quite right and there is the odd time I'm not overly happy with a photo but all in all I'm pleased with what I'm doing photo-wise, although there is always room for improvement.

I also wanted to improve my blog content and include more fashion and lifestyle posts. Unfortunately I didn't do any fashion posts in 2015. I don't think they're really me, not when I literally live in black jeans and a top half of my life. I have, however, included more lifestyle content on the blog, which is still something I want to expand on in 2016.

Overall I'm pretty happy with how my 2015 resolutions turned out...keep your eyes peeled here for my 2016 blog resolutions, coming soon!



  1. WOW so many followers!
    Charlotte //

  2. Improving my photography is one I'll always want to do I think. Congrats on the 2000, I'm so sure your blog will continue to grow!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

    1. I hope so! I don't think anyone's ever 100% happy with their photos are they?!

  3. Congratulations on 2000 you definitely deserve it - I love your content!

    Lucy |

  4. Congrats on the followers darling and happy new year! Your blog is amazing so I definitely think you achieved your goals xxx


  5. Wow! Bloglovin is something i find hard to get hang of. I mean, active follows are kind of a hard thing to achieve for me.

    But, good work! You have a lovely blog here!

    With Love,
    Anna || Curly Scribbles

  6. I think your photography is great! You also absolutely deserve that many readers! Where is it that you 'count' your followers. Is it bloglovin' or across all areas? I find it really hard to keep track/get a true reflection of my readership these days!

    Lucy xx // Louminous

    1. Ahh thank you Lucy, that's so kind of you! I just count Bloglovin' followers!

  7. I've just started blogging, so these are all scary prospects to me. Nonetheless good job! and Happy New Year x

  8. I recently started blogging. Any tips on how to grow my Bloglovin following?

    Wendy |

    1. Just lots of interaction with other blogs on various platforms!

  9. I really struggle with bloglovin, and gaining followers but this year I have promised myself to follow & read more blogs, and try and engage a lot more which I'm hoping will help!
    Black Kats Design


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