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26 August 2010

Is University a waste of time?

I was really interested to read the latest debate in this week's issue of Grazia magazine, titled: 'Is University a waste of time?'

To be honest, I've been struggling to answer it myself. How ever many reasons I come up with in the 'Yes' catergory, I can come up with an equal amount for the 'No' catergory. Having lived through the whole experience, I can safely argue with myself in an attempt to answer the question...

It's an age old saying..."It's not what you know, it's who you know." I'm really starting to believe this as many people, those who have even studied for a degree, are managing to land jobs/positions because of who they know, or because of pure luck. It's extremely infuriating, seeing as I've worked so hard for three years to get nowhere.

The other thing that makes me say "yes it is a waste of time," is the fact that University graduates can't get a job, therefore, studying for three years just to end up as a sales assistant, proves just what a waste of time it all really was.

As much as the above reasons, annoy and anger me, I'm leaning towards the 'No' catergory. Before I started University, I was a shy little creature, but moving away from home and then being forced into housing with people I barely knew, made me grow up a lot. It gave me much more confidence and I feel I can actually survive in the real world on my own.

I also feel that studying Magazine Journalism for three years has made me realise my dream. I used to want to be a teacher, then an author, and now a Journalist and I now know what my dream career is and I'm going to try my hardest to get to it.

Many people will have different opinions, but I think in my case, I've managed to answer the question. Is University a waste of time? Personally, in my case, no it is not. If I didn't go to University, I don't know what I would have done after college. I feel I have achieved something worthwhile and something to be proud of and I hope and pray it will lead to me doing a job I love.


  1. i think it depends on what course you do, obviously if your doing medicine it's not a waste of time. uni has helped me grow so much as a person though! x

  2. I found university a great experience but was disappointed on leaving to find that I couldn't even get a voluntary job in the subject that I studied. I ended up just getting a job in a call centre because the money was good but after a few years got accepted onto their graduate management scheme so it did help in the end.

    I am sure that you will find your degree will be of some benefit at some point even if not immediatly.

  3. Hey, loving the blog - I'm also in a similar situation. I've taken 2 years of journalism but now I'm wondering whether it would be better to just try and get some work - how exactly did you start freelancing - like was it through networking or just going around different publications? Did you have to show a portfolio? Sorry for all the questions haha xx

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