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11 September 2010

Bumbling fool!

I think I've been jinxing myself by writing about my job interviews on here. The previous interview I wrote about, went horribly. It turned into one of those horrible, complete blank mind situations which obviously resulted in me not getting the job. If I had just taken a moment to think and get out my notebook, I would have been able to answer their questions easily and possibly would have got the job.

On paper, I think I look like the right person for the job, but when I open my mouth (or don't in this case) I come across completely nervous and bumbling. So, despite not getting the job, I did get to spend a fun day in London with Vince. (Getting up at 5am to catch the coach was kind of worth it) We explored Oxford Street, Selfridges, Camden, Charing Cross, Trafalger Square, Carnaby Street, Canary Wharf and Westminster until my feet were nearly bleeding.

We spent a lot of time in Camden and I really enjoyed it, I managed to pick up thise cute owl necklace, that I've seen splashed all over the net, for just £7!

I'm going to admit to being completely thick here but I came over all touristy while trying to find the interesting looking Charing Cross road, and failing spectacularly! Doing a quick Google search, I can see just how close we were! Oh well, we decided to sit at Trafalger Square with an ice cream. :)

After our great adventures in London, we returned home and I had yet another job interview! The job is a short term writing job for my University recycling project...and I am the new copywriter within the team! Thankfully I wasn't too bumbling this time and actually managed to impress them! So I'm off to Southampton on Wednesday to find out more and I should hopefully start soon after!

I should be moving back to Southampton pretty soon, which means time to start looking for a job to help pay the rent while I look for something within the Magazine Indsutry. I've been scouring the job sites but now I really need to put some proper effort in and get my foot on the ladder of Journalism.

Tomorrow we're off to Alton Towers with my free tickets I collected from The Sun newspaper! I can't wait! For now, I'm off to try a new marbling nail art effect, wish me luck!

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  1. good luck with the job front, have a blast at alton towers and that necklace is so lovely =] x


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