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6 March 2011

NOTD: Models Own three for two

Hope everyone has a good weekend, or what's left of it! I've had a pretty quiet one really so there's not much to blog about! I did have a sneaky shopping trip on Thursday with my winnings from, so I have quite a few bits to post in an upcoming haul post!

It's exactly a week tomorrow until my Work Experience placement at Red Magazine! I'm getting slightly nervous now, but excited at the same time. This week I'll sort out all of my outfits and buy some food and drink for my packed lunches as I can't afford fancy London lunches!

Anyway, onto todays NOTD:

Models Own recently released a couple of new shades, and with Boots currently having their three for two sale, I thought I'd pick up some new polishes!

I decided to go for the new Concrete Mixer shade, which is a lovely creamy greige that is a little different from the usual camel/nude shades that are popular at the moment. I styled the colour below with a few little nail stickers. :)

Models Own - Concrete Mixer

The other new shade that I picked up was the cute Blooboo, that not only has a great name but is a great, bright blue shade which could definitely be mistaken for Chanel's 'Riva' shade! I love it.

Models Own - Blooboo

For my freebie choice, I didn't opt for one of the brand's new polishes, instead I went for Becca's Brown as I've strangely wanted to try out a Brown polish for ages now. Again this was another gorgeously creamy colour. It needed two coats but the finish is so pretty and is a nice change from normal polish colour. :)

Models Own - Becca's Brown

I love all of these shades and they are adding to my slowly growing collection of Models Own polishes. I think next up on my list is the gorgeous Scarlet Sparkle. :)


  1. All of these colours are really pretty, I really want to try Blooboo! The nail stickers look great, where are they from?xx

  2. I need to get some Models Own polish! The stickers look amazing xxx

  3. i picked up some polishes on this offer too :)
    good luck for the work experience, sounds like a great opportunity! x

  4. Such cute colours!
    Good luck at your work experience, I've got mine in two weeks! :) x

  5. These are lush colours, I love the nail art with that first shade. I need to go to boots if it's three for two :)

  6. Concrete mixer looks fabulous :)

  7. yeah I loooove the sun.

  8. Great picks! Concrete Mixer looks gorgeous!

  9. I love the look of these especially the look of the egg shell blue one, very cute!

  10. I love all three of these colours, especially the blue one!
    Where did you get the nail stickers from?

  11. oh goodness, I do not need more nail polish, but 3 for 2? can't resist!

  12. woaaahh im deff going to buy these :)


  13. I love Bloobloo, its such a cute colour, perfect for spring! xo

  14. Love Models Own polishes. Great colours. x


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