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3 March 2011

Spring has sprung

It's been a long time since I wrote a proper blog post! Most of my posts recently have been nail art and promotional posts, but I promise it won't continue to be all like that. I'll definitely try and write properly more often, it's just difficult at the moment as not much is going on!

As I previously mentioned, I had an interview with River Island. I thought it went pretty soon as I walked in, I was asked to pick out an outfit suitable for a Friday/Saturday night out. Well, I picked some black skinnies and a cute 'going out' top along with jewellery and some pretty killer studded heels. I had to explain my choices, which I did pretty well and then answer the usual customer service questions. They said they would let me know by the next day but I got an email from them about half an hour later saying I wasn't successful. I probably shouldn't have mentioned my work experience placement in March, but I did say I would be willing to not do it if I was to get the River Island job. If that wasn't the thing that made them decide not to hire me, then I don't know what is. I don't want to be big headed but I feel like I did well in the interview, I was chatty and friendly and answered all of the questions. I'll just have to put the interview down to experience and move on. I'm going to wait until AFTER my work experience placement to look for some jobs now I think.

So, this leads me onto my next piece of news! I was kind of dreading Work Experience just because it's going to cost SO much to travel to and from London every day. Luckily I have £200 saved up already, but I had nothing spare for lunches and the odd bits and bobs, but it seems like my luck was in as I won £100 from The Shopping Forecast! I couldn't believe it! Basically, I am part of the Style Council on the website, where I add items I think are going to be on trend for the season ahead. At the end of every month, the items with the top votes win and the people that submitted them, win £100. I submitted a gorgeous black and white stripe trench coat which got over 40 votes!

Now I feel a bit more comfortable about my work experience placement and I'm even looking forward to it now. I'm currently creating a proper Online portfolio of all my work, where I can direct potential employers. I've been thinking about doing a video CV/Resume but I'm afraid I'll look like a complete idiot and will loose my train of thought on camera.

I've applied for a couple of Journalism related jobs that are taking place in the months before I leave Southampton, so I've got my fingers crossed for those, but if I'm not successful, I might look at going home for the Easter holidays and working back there for a few weeks!

I've been on a few shopping trips recently and finally found myself a pair of navy cropped trousers! I'll be sure to post a blog about my haul soon and I'll have a Matalan haul coming up soon too!


  1. Well done winning for your striped coat - it was one of my favourites!
    And good luck with your work experience x

  2. good luck with your work experience :)
    thansk for sharing!! x

  3. Well done for winning, and best of luck with everything x

  4. Sorry about the RI job :( sometimes I wish you could find out where you go wrong because it clearly sounds like you had a good interview.
    But lots of other stuff sounds promising and I can't wait to see those navy crops :)

    Rosie x

  5. Too bad about the interview, that really sucks!

    New follower btw :) x

  6. I believe the right things will fall into place, no offence to anyone in retail, but obv you're meant for bigger and better things than RI at this moment in time.

    I freelance as a stylist and writer and with writing you just have to put yourself out there to contribute to online publications... the commissioned work following when your portfolio does all the talking..

    I'm trying hard myself so I know how it feels.

    Good Luck! :) xx

    PS. Thanks for my blog comment

  7. Don't worry too much about the job interview. Some shops are really strict about the amount of experience they require, especially in this sort of economy when so many people are applying to one job.

    My shop just hired someone and the people who got turned down seemed lovely, stylish people... my manager was gutted and even phoned head office to ask if she could hire two people instead. They said no.

    Anyway, I'm working in retail right now and I have to say my journalism placements are absolute heaven compared to serving customers all the time!


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