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26 March 2011

Long time, no see.

I'm back! Did you miss me? I feel like I've missed SO much. I've been getting up at 6:20am every morning and leaving the house at 7:10am and I haven't been getting home until 7:30pm, so there hasn't been much time for blogging. I've literally come in the front door, eaten dinner, watched a bit of TV and then gone to bed every night for the past two weeks.

My work experience placement was good. I feel like I could have got more out of it, but I quite enjoyed being in the office and slowly learning everything. Towards the end of the placement, I did get to do some research for some magazine features, so I really hope they use my ideas. I'll be checking! It's so interesting to see how an Office works though and how everybody works together to get each issue complete.

The best bit about the experience was the beauty sale! The beauty team get SO many free products every day. I was the one that had to open their post and collect their parcels so I got to have a good old nose at what they got, and while I was wowing at everything, they were simply chucking it into a trolley, ready to be put in the beauty cupboard. This made me sad as I would have loved some of the products. Luckily, they were holding a beauty sale in the week I was there, which basically meant they completely cleared out the cupboard and sold everything dirt cheap! I picked up LOADS, including two MAC Wonder Woman products and a Clarins palette worth £30.

Now that is what you call a haul. I'm thinking of having a blog sale. I really need to make some money and I want to try and avoid eBay listings fees, so I thought a blog sale would be ideal, though I'm having trouble pricing things up. How much would people be willing to pay for some of the products above? Please let me know in the comments!

I felt a bit guilty about how much I had spent afterwards, but then found out that the proceeds were going to help Japan. They raised over £2000, which is brilliant! All the make-up and products that were leftover (yes, can you believe it!) were donated to a women's refuge centre, though I'm sure they need more important things that eyeshadow and lipglosses?

I really enjoyed being in London again and once I was used to the early mornings, I started loving the busy, bustling city. My placement was situated on North Row which is right off Park Lane, so it was extremely posh! I spent my lunch hours on Oxford street and sitting across from the park which was pretty relaxing.

As a thank you for all of my hardwork over the two weeks, I was presented with a goody bag full of MORE beauty products! Haha! I couldn't believe it, I've got more beauty products in the last two weeks than I've brought in my entire life! Included were two nail polishes volumising hair gel, a Rimmel and Miss Sporty eye shadow, Light up lipstick, Eye treatment, Models Own Mascara, Concealer, Foot cream and Soothing Gel!

I'm so glad it's all finished with now though as I can get back to normal. I have some promising writing work coming up soon so I'm going to get stuck into that and settle back into life with Vince. He has treated me like a Princess over the past two weeks, cooking me delicious meals and tidying the house for me!

Again, let me know what sort of prices you'd be willing to pay for some of the products and I'll get the blog sale set up soon!


  1. Your work experience sounds really good - hard work though! After I worked full time in London over the summer I realised how tiring it is so I completely know how you felt every night! Good work on the freebies though! If you put any of the MAC things in the blogsale I'd love to buy some of those xx

  2. Jealous of all your gorgeous things! Sounds like you had a really nice placement :) xx

  3. Sounds like a lovely time.

    I've heard before of people donating make-up to women's shelters, I think it's about confidence and rebuilding. A lot of the women have to leave everything behind and I think a lot of women would say they feel lost without their make-up (and feel better with it!). I agree though, somehow it just seems like more 'worthwhile' things could be done.

    I'd love to hear more about your work experience, the magazine world just fascinates me.

  4. I'd totally be interested in a blog idea about pricing though, pah.

  5. Sounds like a good placement and the freebies are an added bonus!

  6. Price as you think it should be, then if things don't sell for that let people make you an offer


  7. that work experience sounds like a great experience, of course the freebies and sale being an added bonus haha! a blog sale sounds like a great idea :D not sure about prices though...i agree with the comment above haha :)

  8. A blog sale sounds great! Some of the products look great.
    Your work experience also seems really interesting...
    Something to add to the CV.. XX

  9. Beauty goody bags are always the highlight of an internship ;) I'm glad it all went well and you got a lot out of them. I definitely need to get my act together for another internship this summer, although I really can't afford it at the moment! xxx

  10. Wow, your work experience sounds awesome! The goody bag looks great :) x

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