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29 February 2016

Manicure Monday: First day of spring

Manicure Monday
Manicure Monday
Manicure Monday
Manicure Monday

Tomorrow, according to the Met Office, is the first official day of spring and I'm surprised at myself because usually I'm not really bothered about it but I'm fully ready to embrace it! I can't wait to drive home from work and it still to be light, it just makes the day feel so much longer and it stops me wanting to curl up on the sofa under a blanket. I'll also be glad for the brighter mornings as it makes it so much easier to wake up! I know it won't exactly be warm weather but just having the brightness is such a nice change.

Usually the New Year or September 'back to school' time is when most people feel like having a big clear out or shaking things up a bit but I'm feeling like it at the moment. The house is definitely due a big spring clean and clear out and I'm now feeling more determined to start up some exercise classes again after being extremely lazy for the past four months or so. I'm thinking of starting spin classes again, just because my legs are feeling like they're suffering a bit from me sitting down all day long at work. I'm trying to move around more and stand up but I feel like exercise is probably the best way to get the blood pumping. I did enjoy my spin classes last year so on Monday I'm hoping to pop along again! I also want to do one other class a week as one isn't quite enough but I can't decide whether I should do some Yoga or something called Block Fit, which is four classes in one - dance, hit, combat and wellbeing. Having written that down I've just realised that the wellbeign portion of the class is probably pretty similar to Yoga so this one might be a winner!

Anyway, I've gone off track a bit...I thought I'd celebrate the first day of spring with some bright and fun, spring-themed nails! It's amazing what shades I find when I empty out my entire nail polish collection onto my bedroom floor. 'I don't think I have any yellow polishes at all' I thought to myself. Oh how wrong I was, just look at the polishes I found.

Nella Milano is a brand whose polishes I've been rediscovering loads of thanks to these weekly posts. This week I dug out the yellow and orange from the 2015 spring/summer collection, which are absolutely perfect for brightening things up a bit! They still apply like a dream and stay put for ages too. They really compliment eachother and are just very classic spring/summer shades that everyone needs to have in their collection.

The yellow polish from Barry M has been with me for years and has come in very handy at all times of year. In spring/summer when I want bright, colourful nails, in Easter when I want to do something Easter-themed and at Halloween when I wanted to use it as a base for my scary Halloween nails.

The orange Rimmel shade, otherwise known as Tangerine Tent, was one I picked up last year when the brand started it's relationship with Rita Ora. They brought out the perfect shades of spring brights and this was just one of the shades. I absolutely love it as orange on the nails is a sure fire way to cheer yourself up a bit.

Together these nail shades are perfect for spring and for injecting some much needed colour in our lives! What do you think? Will you be painting on some spring nail polish tonight? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


  1. I could definitely do with some of these shades to help brighten up my life! I adore yellow polishes but I can never pull them off! x

    Jodie // Jodie Loue

  2. Wow these shades are making me think of summer!! Woo! <3 Loving that yellow!

  3. I really want a pale yellow, one slightly lighter than that nella one!
    Charlotte //

  4. These are such gorgeous colours, it does make me sad that I can't have painted nails for work! x

    1. I couldn't bare to not paint my nails every week!

  5. I love the sunset theme of these polishes, especially that rimmel shade, so pretty =]

  6. Gosh these certainly are bright shades! Unfortunately I can't really wear yellow and orange shades as they always made me look like I'm ill x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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