Cherry Pie : Vichy Pureté Thermale Make-up remover and Micellar oil

19 October 2015

Vichy Pureté Thermale Make-up remover and Micellar oil

Vichy Pureté Thermale
Vichy Pureté Thermale

Ever since I was sent the Vichy Idealea Eyes range, I have been absolutely hooked on this brand. I used the Idealea eye cream and serum right down to the last drops and have since moved onto some of the Aqualia Thermal products. I'm currently using these and have recently introduced a couple of items from the Pureté Thermale range after I was finally able to get my hands on them.

I prefer to buy my skincare in the shops but my local Boots just weren't stocking it. I was seeing the products plastered all over various bloggers and I just knew I had to get my hands on them so when pay day came around I popped a couple into my virtual basket. I was in need of a new make-up remover as my Soap & Glory one was down to it's last drops and along with that I decided to try a Micellar water as it's been a little while since I tried any.

What really caught my eye about this range was the packaging, the make-up remover and the 3-in-1 cleanser (not featured) have both been re-branded with the blue/turquoise, more clinical look, while the micellar water is a completely new introduction. I understand the re-brand is in order to attract a younger audience so I may not be that target market but I really like the colour and style of the packaging. I feel like skincare and bathroom products in general should all look like this!

I've been using the products for a little while now and I'm really impressed. During a blogging day I created a very heavy eye make-up look and the make-up remover was able to wipe it away in one swoop. It literally picked up every last bit of make-up and it was super kind on my eyes, where others can sometimes irritate them, as well as being really lightweight and not greasy at all. My everyday make-up is absolutely no problem at all for it so this is definitely a new fave of mine!

It's been a little while since I used any micellar oil but I decided to pick one up just to introduce something new to my routine. I simply apply a few pumps to my skin and work it in. To activate the oil you need to add water to help turn it into more of a milky consistency, which I find really lovely on the skin. The Vitamin E and Camellia Oil leave my skin feeling super soft and in general after using the micellar oil it feels wonderfully clean and healthy.

Vichy is definitely one of my favourite skincare brands at the moment and it's not too badly priced. It's not exactly budget but it isn't high end either as most of the Pureté Thermale products are mostly under the £15 mark. They are regularly on offer in Boots and online so you could even wait for a great deal before picking these up.

What do you think of the Vichy Pureté Thermale range? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I've never tried any Vichy products, definitely want to give them a go though :) x

  2. Skincare is something I'm always willing to spend a little bit more on, I love the sound of both of these. Vichy is a brand I really like to use!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

    1. Can't get enough of Vichy at the mo!

  3. I absolutely love Vichy (actually, generally just love French pharmacie brands!). I've not tried these though, sounds like they're worth trying out :)

    Misia xx |

    1. Let me know what you think if you do try them!

  4. I love Vichy products so no doubt I'd love this range too! Sounds great.

    Katya | The Beauty Harbour

  5. I love the micellar cleansing oil and think it's taken the top spot from my previous favourite from The Body Shop. I've recently tried several Vichy products and loved them all and have just bought the power serum as well to try x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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