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6 July 2010

Wardrobe Wishlist

Do you ever just look at your wardrobe and think "eurgh"? Well, I do it regularly as my current wardrobe pretty much consists of jeans and plain coloured t-shirts. So I've started compiling a wardrobe wishlist of items or outfits I aim to purchase. I'm looking for pieces that I can team with what I've currently got to make some brand new outfits! This month my Wardrobe Wish is:

Indeed, Combat trousers are back, but instead of the baggy 90s throw backs, the Combat trouser has been on a diet and now comes in a stylish skinny fashion. Perfect as an alternative to jeans and leggings and for me, a great alternative to black! What is even better is the fact I pretty much have an exact copy of the stripy top that the model is wearing. Add some black trainer wedges to finish off the outfit and voila! :)

When I have some money (these combats are £32) I'll definitely be buying myself a pair!


  1. they are indeed a great alternative and much better thank those i remember in the 90's haha oh the shame! x

  2. those pants look so cute, i want a pair!

  3. OMGOMGOMG, big thank you for the last post! It really helped a lot <3 (I put it here because you're most likely to see it)

    x x x x

    (And THANK UUUU for linking me)

  4. Yes I want some of those too. I saw a great pair somewhere else but I just can't remember where. I will check these out

  5. i just love that little outfit... trousers and all. mostly the trousers, but still.



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