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1 July 2010

1 in 270

Yesterday, a particular news story caught my eye. The Daily Mail news website claimed that 1 in 270 graduates have a chance of landing a job since the recession.

Up to 270 graduates are battling for every job vacancy after the recession triggered an unprecedented scramble, a study shows today.

Applications for graduate posts have hit a record high this year as rejected candidates from 2008 and 2009 swell the ranks of job-seekers.

Now that I'm considered a graduate, I not only have to compete with 2010 graduates but also graduates from the past two years aswell, making it even more difficult for me to land a job.

I have been looking for jobs in the Magazine Journalism industry since before Christmas, before I even finished University and I've so far had 1 interview for a web content job. I've applied for pretty much every job I come across that I feel I could do but I don't even hear back from most of them. A nice email thanking me for my application but letting me know that I've unfortunately not been successful this time around would be much better than being completely ignored.

It's proving extremely difficult to find a job in my chosen industry so I'm doing lots of odd writing jobs here and there, sometimes for free, in order to build up my CV. Many positions require people that already have experience in magazines, so what hope do I have of landing a magazine role if I can't actually get experience in magazines? It's all one big vicious circle which makes you feel like you've wasted the past three years of your life!


  1. This post struck a chord with me. Right now I am browsing job sites looking for anything I can find. SO far I have found 1 job I can apply to, but the likeihood is I don't have the experience to get it.

    The only comfort I have is that everyone, graduate or not, is in the same boat. The next few years are going to be tough, and I expect them to take me in many different directions, but alas, what is one to do!


  2. I know the feeling, it's so depressing to think we work so hard and then struggle to actually get the job we've worked for, i also want to go into journalism-just seems so hard to get into atm.

  3. hope you find a job soon!
    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)


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